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A/C Coil Lights
The Science

Perma-Clean UV Filter, model PC2520R
Self-cleaning, dust free, germ killing, toxin removal UV air filter, also cleans A/C coil.

The Perma-Clean Filters are the only self-cleaning filters in existence. These filters will not only destroy airborne smoke, toxins and germs, but will collect the dust, destroying it in the process. The collection of grime in the filter is broken down, cleaning the filter and the air of dust. The filters use two of the Maximizer UV lamps, for the most powerful UV energy used in an airflow filter. They are the "sledgehammers" of UV lamps.

The PC2520R is a 4.5" x 20" x 25" but also comes with remote power cable, bracket and A/C coil long life lamp. This means the model not only purifies the circulating indoor air at the filter, but also can remote an UV lamp to the A/C coil for destruction of germ and dust accumulating there. Thus one power pack (the filter power pack) operates UV lamps at two separate locations, the filter and the coil.


Size: 4.5" W x 20" H x 25" L
Lamp type: Long life, Cold-Cathode Photon Lamps.
Number of UV lamps: Two internal lamps, one coil lamp.
Installation: In HVAC system return air for up to 2200 CFM and coil up to 5 tons.
Electrical use: 110 vac, .6 amp, 60 Hz.
Guarantee: 30 months (2.5 years) for lamp and parts.
Fixed or remote: In addition to two internal lamps, one lamp can be remote to A/C coil

    Member: Better Business Bureau

    Member: National Indoor Air Quality and Remediation Association

    Member: Air Conditioning Contractors of America


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